Wednesday Word – September 25

Ok, so bear with me while I talk a little about our school year.  We have had several firsts this school year in the Hilton household.  The first time we have had a driver in our home that is not mom or dad.  The very first time that we have a senior in high school.  The first time that colleges have to be applied to, scholarships have to be applied for.  The first time that we realize our little boy is a young man with so many decisions and choices to make (we have been in denial until now).  The very first time we have had an athlete competing on a cross country team.  The first time I get to cheer on my own child.  I have spent many a night cheering on others but now it is my own son I get to cheer for.  I have to admit that I have had to fight back the tears of pride and joy!!!!

On this cross country journey we have learned a lot.  We have learned that you must exercise daily.  Take care of your body by giving it good nutritious food.  The body needs the proper amount of rest.  You can start out fast and end up burning out long before you get to the finish line.  That winning takes place as much between the two ears of the runner as it does on the two legs and feet.  The lessons we learn.

A cross country runner reminds me so much of our life.  In exercising daily we not only need to exercise the body to keep fit, but also the mind.  The greatest way to exercise is to spend time in God’s word developing our spiritual muscles, feeding on the truth of His word.  We have to get the proper amount of rest for our bodies to be able to be strong enough for the race.  We want to start our race at a nice even pace, allowing the Holy Spirit to fill our lives, keeping us steady so as not to burnout.  We want to finish the race and finish well.  We have to allow the Word to transform our minds, because of Christ we are winners.  Through His strength we can do all things.  Cross country racing is so similar to life.  I am thankful for the continued lessons!!!  Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it………I Cor. 9:24-27

We have lots of opportunities to walk out these lessons.  We have one right around the corner,  broadcasting live at the Dixie Classic Fair, October 4 -13, wonderful opportunity that we are very thankful for.   In order for us to run this race we have to have a team of volunteers to run alongside us.  Are you up for the race?  I hope you are!!!  We could certainly use you on our team!!!!  If you would like to be on the team, please take a look at your schedule and see if there is anytime you are willing to give.  Please contact me for more information,




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