Wednesday Word for October 19th

When Judy returned from her mom’s, she brought back a small “glob” of Mema’s costume jewelry for me to separate. I thought to myself, “I couldn’t have created this mess in a million years. How did tossing necklaces in a jewelry box on various occasions end up in a tight, defiant metal “spaghetti” ball?”

Keeping my thoughts between me and the Heavenly Father I decided to just do my best and heed the message of Steven Curtis Chapman song, “Do Every Thing.”

From previous rescues I have learned you first have to shake and loosen the whole mess. Using a sharp pointed dental pick helps. If you start just trying to pull out the chains, the wad just gets tighter.

After I freed the AVON clip-on “ear bobs” (as Mema calls them), I began to slowly take on the chains and other stuff.

Little by little, I separated it all into little plastic zip lock bags. Because of moments like this, I have learned to NEVER pray for patience.

I share my true adventure to remind us all that:

(1) We need to be careful how and what we throw into our life…the mess tends to multiply exponentially.

(2) Quit tugging at the problem. You are just tightening the hold. Give it to God.

(3) The Lord may send you help by way of a sharp pointed person or “shake-you-up” situation to help you sort it all out.

(4) Be patient. The mess took a while to “spaghetti-fy”.

(5) Start seeing the blessing…God loves to redeem…remember JOB.

God is Good all the time…John

PS. Some of the tarnished jewelry turned out to be Sterling. But that’s another sermon!

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