Wednesday Word for May 18th

“Culture is formed by what we tolerate,” I read. That’s scary because ours is the “tolerant generation”. We are not shocked by much of anything anymore. I notice myself  “tolerating” objectionable tv commercials and tv program themes that years ago would even make non-Christians blush.
 Think about you, your parents and your children . Can you think of things that your parents “hated”, you “tolerate” and your children are beginning to whole-heartedly embrace.
 It’s always the same cycle. One generation abhors and fights against, if necessary. The next generation will tolerate and reluctantly allow, if push comes to shove. And the next generation will totally embrace. Unfortunately, it’s our children and grandchildren that get hurt the most.
 I am not talking about pierced ears, fads and superficial things. I am not talking about a return to legalism. I am talking about behavior, attitude,  spiritual idolatry and things we personally and as a society are tolerating that are leaving us powerless before the Lord.

And while we are “in this neighborhood” I am not overly worried about “Judgment Day” coming on May 21st as the local billboard warns. For judgment to come, all that has to happen is the Lord just lets our country reap what it sows. And if we want to change things before it’s too late, it’s up to us to start changing what we tolerate.


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