Wednesday Word for May 16

Hello, WBFJ friends! Thankfully, God uses my daughter, Lexa, to teach me countless lessons about His love for us. Most recently, it was during a thunderstorm. As the rain poured, the lightning flashed and the thunder roared, I held my daughter tenderly and rocked in a chair. Although I tried to comfort her, she kept asking me, “When will the storm go away?”. I told her that every storm passes, but it just takes time. At that moment, I found comfort in my own words. No matter what storm we are facing in our lives, only the tenderness and love of God can give us the true comfort we need. Although our humanness calls us to question God as to when the storm will end, we can be certain that if we cling to Him, he will be with us until we see blue skies and sunshine again.

– Lana Hedgecock

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