Wednesday Word for May 11th

Hello, WBFJ family! I am typing this note from Minneapolis, Minnesota, while I am on a business trip. As a single mom, I have to leave my daughter Lexa behind in the loving care of my parents. Although I know that she is in wonderful hands, I miss her terribly and can’t wait to give her a call, just so I can hear her sweet voice. Being a parent teaches me valuable yet painful lessons regarding my relationship with our heavenly Father. Just as I long to hear my daughter’s voice on the phone, God longs to hear my voice in prayer. At times when He and I are apart, whether I am just too busy to pray or neglect to spend quiet time with Him, I know that God misses me even more than I am missing my daughter right now. As we go through this day taking care of life’s business, let us rejoice in the fact that we have a loving Father, who longs to hear our sweet voice and misses us terribly when we are apart from Him…

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