Wednesday Word for March 23rd

Many of you, like me for the last week or so have been intrigued by the buzzer beaters and getting caught up in all the “madness” that March brings! And although it’s fun and entertaining to watch, many other important issues fill our world. Days after the Japan earthquake, coverage was seemingly on every channel and the networks couldn’t even keep up. And then, it seemed like after a week or so, the coverage lessened, but we know the devastation was still there and so real, but it wasn’t in the forefront of our minds, let along our hearts. In today’s media-filled world,  I think we get so desensitized to tragedies like this. It seems so far away and we can’t relate; or it won’t happen here. According to the latest figures, giving is down (to Japan) nearly 40% given the same amount of time during the Haiti quake. Why? Americans and most of the world see Japan as a wealthy nation as apposed to Haiti as a very poor country. Bottom line here: pray for these people, their families and all the rescue and relief efforts. And if God lays it on your heart to contribute monetary, be there “one shinning moment” this March!! Hey, did someone say NFL lockout? 

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