Wednesday Word for March 21st

I pray this Wednesday Word finds each of you living in the abundance of our Lord Jesus!!  Do you love this weather or what! Yeah!  It’s spring or is it summer?  Do you love spring as much as I do?  The new life it brings by way of the flowers, trees and birds, among other things. The beauty that surrounds us is just awe inspiring, even with all the allergies that seem to accompany the beauty.  How anyone can look around and still believe this all just happened, just confounds me.  Please take the time with me today and thank our God for the beauty He has created!!!!!

We are thankful for the beauty of you, our listeners, our WBFJ family.  We want to invite you, our WBFJ family to be a part of one of the most important times in the life of the station, Sharathon 2012.  For those of you new to WBFJ, and for those who have been around a while, Sharathon is the time in the life of the station that we ask you to partner with us in ministry.  “How,” you may ask,” can I partner with WBFJ?”  We ask that you listen that week, you will be challenged.   You will be blessed as you hear testimony after testimony of the life changing ministry that takes place through these airwaves.  When?  We will begin Sharathon 2012 on Monday, April 23, with what has become a favorite, Prayer and Praise Day.  A wonderful opportunity to be a part of what God is doing and has done in the lives of our WBFJ family.  We will have a Sharathon Concert, that night, Monday, April 23 at WinstonSalem1st.  On Tuesday, April 24 we begin our Faith Promise Days, where we give you, our WBFJ family, an opportunity to give to the ministry of WBFJ, your ministry, when you partner with us by giving, either financially or volunteering your time, or both.  We will conclude our Sharathon on Thursday, April 26th, celebrating what our God has done!!!!   “How can I be used by the Lord during Sharathon 2012,” you may be asking? The Lord may use you to give financially.  We need you!  The Lord may use you to pray for the ministry.  We need you!  He may even use you to give of your time.  We need you!!!!

During  Sharathon 2012,  we need over 100 volunteers who will give of their time.  Your only qualifications: a willing heart, listening ear and legible handwriting.  If you say, “Wow” I can do that!!!!”  Please email me,  As the volunteer coordinator, I extend a warm welcome to you, to come and enjoy this very special time in the life of WBFJ!!!!!!

Come join in on the fun and blessings!!!!!!!!   Thank you for your giving!!!!   Be it financially or of your time, Thank You!!!!!!!

-Bonnie Hilton

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