Wednesday Word for March 12

Who is worthy of LOVE? What about respect or compassion? Is it the educated? The successful? Maybe it’s the weak, the disheartened, or the hopeless – If your perspective, your faith, and your reality is in the right place, your answer to all of these questions should be a resounding YES!

I recently returned from the beautiful country of Jamaica, where there were examples of all types [of people) of the above mentioned.. Successful, educated, well spoken, full of LIFE. Then, there were others (outside of our vacation spot), who were living less than “luxurious” lives – sitting off the sides of the road, wreckage of homes, work places, children playing soccer (or futbol) without shoes… So many different lifestyles, all deserving of kindness, attention, a SMILE. Be it vacation, or a mission trip, or finding yourself outside a “comfort zone”, these experiences will profoundly open your eyes to the fact of “WOW, I have so much”, and “Jesus loves them, so shouldn’t I?”

Upon returning to America, I enjoyed a modern luxury: watching the new “SON OF GOD” movie at the local theater – Unexpectedly my heart was once again moved, AND CONFIRMED, that Jesus not only loved, but LIFTED UP those who (maybe) didn’t expect it, or ‘deserve’ it! Unpopular, disliked, doubters, adulterers, even a betrayer – Yet he poured into their lives daily, desiring for them to truly SEE His purpose, live with hope, and FEEL an extraordinary power.

How fantastic an opportunity that we have been given to share that purpose and power with ALL we come into contact with. So many stories out there, each one as touching, enduring, and IMPORTANT as the next. It doesn’t take flying 1100 miles away to see, hear, or find one.

~ Jeff Foster

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