Wednesday Word for July 27th

I don’t know if you’re like me, but it came as no surprise to hear about the death of rock star Amy Winehouse last weekend. Here’s another unfortunate passing of an entertainer, way too young and whose life was filled with multiple bad choices, thus possible the reason she’s in eternity. Which eternity, we’ll I’m not sure, nor is that for me to judge, but from the lifestyle she led… well you fill in the blank. Her family and friends were said to be shocked to hear the passing of Ms. Winehouse. Really? Why? Who could NOT have seen this coming? Obviously these people are not in touch with reality and their surroundings. It’s sad, so sad. Another wasted life that didn’t have to end like this.
On another sad but lighter note, Dan Peek, former member of the 70’s pop band America also passed away this past weekend. Sometime during the last 70’s Dan committed his life to Christ and actually had a few contemporary Christian hits. He also rewrote, “Lonely People.” It’s comforting to know that Dan is now in the presence of the Lord. It may have been a shock that he died, but I’m sure it’s not a shock to his family and friends to where he is spending eternity. Something for you to quietly think about… Have a great Wednesday.

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