Wednesday Word for February 9th

If you use a computer there are three things you can be sure of:

(1)     Sooner or later your hard drive will crash.
(2)     It will crash at the worst possible time.
(3)     When you go to reload your new drive, you will not reload about half the stuff you had on the old drive…it’s stuff that’s out-dated, stuff that wasn’t useful in the first place or just stuff!

And if you are human, those same three principles apply:

(1)     Sooner or later your life will experience a “crash” of some sort.
(2)     The “crash” will come at the worst and least expected time.
(3)     After you process it all and go to reload your life, you will probably find many things that no longer need to be there…bad attitudes, bad habits, bad relationships,   just unprofitable “stuff”.  

We never look forward to a hard drive crash or any of life’s crises but I can say, each one gives us a time to revaluate what’s really important…what we need to keep and those things that are excess baggage and weigh us down.

Now that I got you all serious,  how about some big Valentine’s Hug to put it all in perspective… Happy Valentine’s Day!


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