Wednesday Word for February 1st, 2012

The actor, Bill Murray.. The Year, 1993.. The Film, “Groundhog Day”. The Situation, Weatherman Phil has a bad attitude about life. His job, his relationships, everything in the ‘universe’ seems to be against him.. and he’s certainly not going to let a day go by without letting people know his discontent. SO, in some cosmic, ‘magical’ way the universe will teach him a lesson. He finds himself waking up in the same day over and over AND OVER again. He goes through the same motions again and again.. Same people, same conversations, some circumstances, yet HE is the only one to recognize the constant turmoil he finds himself in. He even attempts (several times) to take his own life, so he can “relieve” himself of the night mare he finds himself in; FAILING of course as he wakes up to the next sun-shiny morning. The same day he continues to live, is GROUNDHOG DAY..

Tomorrow is February 2nd. Groundhog Punxsutawney Phi will step out and once again try to tell us if six more weeks of winter is on the way or if it will be an early spring — (of course your interpretation of his accuracy is subject to opinion). The reality is we may all feel sometimes that our lives resemble Phil’s carousel of emotions, frustrations, irritations.. Nothing going our way, or IF things ARE going your way, you still feel that things don’t change and who really cares? It’s simply become redundant, mundane, and old. Daily, we ALL have the opportunity of ‘showing’ others who we really are, and more importantly whose we are.. WHO CARES? THEY do.. We are just amazingly (not purposefully) blind, ignorant, and unaware at who ‘THEY’ are and we may only have one opportunity to BE who we are supposed to be. We don’t always get the chance to do it over. Phil, in the movie, had innumerable opportunities to make the right decision. To make a difference. To show others that he had changed. As believers, it’s imperative that we DO NOT fail at the chances we are given. Whether it be an attitude that needs adjusting, adjust it. Get it right. Whether it’s the things that are seen, or heard, people ARE watching and, yes, listening. Phil was a representative of a bitter man who needed to ‘set’ things right .. WE are a representative of a KING who loves us and makes us right because of his sacrifice and redemption. Grocery stores, highways, daycares, jobs, schools, ALL are ‘impact zones’ that you can really be a positive and influential believer. Four days before the Super Bowl, and INSANE amount of money spent on commericials, consider this: HE IS worth advertising — and it’s free!

Phil finally woke up on February 3rd.

-Jeff Foster

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