Wednesday Word for December 7th

Every morning on our Morning Show, Tami, Verne, myself, WHOMEVER is ‘on the
mic’ at 9:20am, we have a time of praying together, sharing listeners prayer
request, and petitioning the Lord for his grace and goodness.. Yesterday in
particular there was a request made for a father and a son’s relationship
and in the simplest way put things into perspective for me and touched my
heart. “Rocky at best” is the way that Tami expressed the relationship..
“Rocky” from what” my mind proceeded towards. Where did the frustration come
from? Who hurt whom? What has taken place in these individuals lives that
there is discord between a son and the very (human) father that helped
‘create’ him?

Maybe, just maybe, there is a word that can break down some walls today.
Maybe there is an act, an actual progressive ‘THING’ that this father and
son could DO to make a positive turn in their pain and heartache. MAYBE, YOU
are 18 days away from Christmas and the ‘rift’, the division, the continual
weight that you carry could be removed as quickly as a deep breath.. THE

I am overwhelmingly thankful, blessed, and grateful to my Heavenly Father
for my earthly father… I have never had to experience the situation from
above. I’ve never known what it was like to have a father who was not there
for me. Who didn’t care about my next ball game. Who didn’t want to know
about my day. Who didn’t place my eternal, spiritual well being at the
forefront of his heart and mind. That’s just my father. Albeit the truth in
my life, I’m fully aware and conscious of the fact that others around
Christmas time are not feeling “Blessed”, but rather BITTER, confused, and
downright torn down. Is there an easy fix? No. Is there a sense of
perspective that can help ‘smoothe’ through the circumstance? Yes, maybe…
but the SOLUTION, is forgiveness and understanding the truth that God gives
us in 1 John 2:12 — “I write unto you, little children, because your sins
are forgiven you for HIS name’s sake.” Our sins have been forgiven, through
Jesus. And if God has so freely, sacrificially, and LOVINGLY forgiven us,
how should we now respond to others? If we haven’t earned God’s forgiveness,
but instead he gave it freely, why would we make others’ earn our

Does the situation you’re in stink? Do you find yourself the ‘victim’?
“YES”, and “maybe so”… But as Jesus did, maybe the action of integrity and
honor is HUMILITY and offering forgiveness to someone who may not be LOOKING
for it, or deserves it. Isn’t’ it worth it to finally have that weight at
bay? The best part is, you don’t have to wait 18 days to give someone a
pretty great gift!

~Jeff Foster

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