Wednesday Word for December 11

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is such a special time of the year when everyone seems to be more thankful for what they have and willing to give to those special people in their lives.  Tony and I had one of the best Thanksgivings we have had in our lives.  We helped serve the homeless at Samaritan’s Kitchen and got such a blessing from the experience.  I know they all had a story to tell and most would have been eager to tell if more time could have been spent with each one.  There was one little boy, looked around 9 years old, that came in with his father.  A plate of food was served to him, but I noticed that he barely touched anything on the plate.  He was eating all the desserts he could get his little hands on, so I was concerned.  I spoke with a lady that works for the ministry about my concern.  She walked over to talk to him and found out that he lives with his mother which never lets him have anything sweet to eat.  All the people we served were so gracious for our service.  A few asked where the food came from.  I just simply responded to them “From God’s Angels”.  They loved it!  The pianist from our church was playing the piano for all to enjoy.  One lady got up and began singing.  She had a beautiful voice and actually brought her own Hymnal, but it was never opened.  She knew all the words to all the songs being played.  This is something that we will certainly do again….Please pray for these people that have little to nothing all year round.

The Mission for Samaritan’s Ministry:

Providing hope and healing by sharing food, shelter and guidance with the hungry, homeless and people in need through Christian love and service, for the benefit of all.


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