Wednesday Word for August 3rd

Over the course of the past 3 years, I have had the distinct privilege of fellowshipping with believers on 3 different continents.  While each instance looked extremely different, these experiences also bore remarkable similarities.  I always enjoy seeing the unique faces of the Body of Christ in a global perspective. 

However, last week I was fortunate to accompany 28 high school student for a mission experience unlike any other just outside of Nashville, TN.  Good works and heart-touching experiences were complemented by intentional relationship building and an all-out desire of abandon for the mission call.

Most of our churches and many of our families were likely involved in some sort of mission activity this summer.  Here’s hoping that the experience affects our lives beyond the event itself.  Making a difference in our own community requires a similar dedication…guess that’s the whole Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria ripple effect of our faith in action.  Fortunately, when we invest in the eternal, the dividends are secure!


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