Wednesday Word for April 4

Easter is such a great time to reflect not only on the life of Jesus but ours as well!  I think of how He was treated with the beatings, the spitting upon him, the name calling and even carrying that so heavy cross with no help!  And the crazy thing of it all is that He knew it was going to happen and still stayed calm,

cool and collected!  He did it all for us so that if we believe in Him that we can have life after our earthly life. Would we let people treat us like they did Jesus?

Nope, I know not!

For the past few years I have gone on a Cross Walk that depicts what Christ went through on that horrible day!  This walk puts everything in perspective and

helps me to realize more and more what Easter is really about.  It helps me to appreciate all He went through….all for me!  During the walk, the stage is set for that gloomy day by stopping along the way to read Bible verses that paint the picture for what was to come.  At the end of the walk we gather at the cemetery where we pray.  The cross is placed at the back of the cemetery with a purple cloth (royalty) draped around it.  Easter morning the cloth will be changed to a white cloth (purity) to symbolize that on the third day Christ arose and that He lives on…..forever and ever.

Through his death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus paid the penalty for sin, thus purchasing for all who believe in him, eternal life in Christ Jesus….Luke 24

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