Wednesday Word for April 27th

The Eternality of the Temporal…or so it seems.  For a split second, the world (not to mention traffic) seems to stop around you.  It may be a moment of triumph or tragedy.

Then…almost as quickly, life resumes – with or without you.  It’s at times like this when “the walls could speak.”  There is a false sense that only the inanimate, nonhuman parts of our world are the ones that will last.

How deceiving is this notion in light of eternity where the exact opposite is true.  Those things that seem to outlive us bear not even a semblance of the eternality of the soul.

This week is about sowing seeds into those things that are meant to last.  Thank you for choosing to support God’s work through WBFJ.  It not only provides a lasting investment, but also creates a partnership as together we engage our community for eternity.


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