Wednesday Word for April 20th

Wonderful Wednesday to you All!!!!!!!!!
I just wanted to say Thank You for being a part of our WBFJ Family.
Last week Laura Story was in concert at Hanes Mall.  It was great to see everyone come out and be blessed.  It was a wonderful time of worship and ministry.  Her latest song Blessings made me think of you all.  How God has blessed us with you being a part of our WBFJ Family.  How we have been given the opportunity to share in your lives, to pray with you, believe with you and trust our God with you.  What an awesome privilege.
Next week we have our annual Sharathon, April 26th through April 29th.  Our Sharathon is what gives us the opportunity to be a part of your lives with concerts, VBS Express, and Cici’s Pizza Pledge to just name a few.  How, you may ask, can I be part of Sharathon.  We ask that you listen that week, you will be challenged.   You will be blessed as you hear testimony after testimony of the life changing ministry that takes place through these airwaves.
The Lord may use you to give financially.  We need you!
The Lord may use you to pray for the ministry.  We need you!
He may even use you to give of your time.  We need you!!!!!
During our 2011 Sharathon, we need over 100 volunteers who will give a couple of hours or more of their time.  Your only qualifications: a willing heart, listening ear and legible handwriting.  If you say, “Wow” I can do that!!!!  Please email me,  HYPERLINK “”  As the volunteer coordinator, I extend a warm welcome to you to come and enjoy this very special time in the life of your WBFJ family!!!!!!           
The Master can use what you have to offer, 
Though you may consider it small: 
His work here on earth is done through His children,
So give Him your best, give your all.  –Hess

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