Wednesday Word for April 13th

These are the words that Tony and I vowed to each other on April 12, 1981:
“We choose each other on this most beautiful day of our lives:  To love and confide in, to honor and take pride in, to believe and trust in. 
We will care for each other and share our lives with each other through the best and the worst that is to be expected throughout the rest
of our eternal lives.  Through God’s leadership and guidance, and the direction of the church, our lives together will become fulfilled. 
For all these things, we promise each other.”
For 30 years, we have kept this promise to each other and have faced many paths that God has taken us on, not knowing what would happen. 
But with His help and leadership, we have become stronger through the rough times, raised two children that we are so very proud of and continue
to follow His lead as He prepares us for yet another path into our retirement years.  He has proven over and over again what a GREAT God he is
and we continue to praise Him for all He has done and all we know He will do.
Love….endureth all things – 1 Corinthians 13:7
~ Cindy

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