Wednesday Word -December 16th

Greetings, WBFJ friends! It’s a blessing to share this Wednesday Word with you! My daughter, Lexa, is only three years old, yet she teaches me “life lessons” almost every day.

Our Christmas preparation this year has been especially fun and meaningful, because Lexa is finally old enough to understand and anticipate all that Christmas is about. She was especially excited to talk to Santa this year. Unfortunately, we arrived at the mall while Santa was at lunch, so we shopped for a little while. By the time he returned, there was a long line of children waiting and we were near the back of the line. Lexa was well-behaved and patient as she waited her turn. Her anticipation of sitting on Santa’s lap overshadowed the inconvenience of standing in line. When her moment arrived, she sat joyfully on Santa’s lap and posed beautifully as the camera snapped their picture.

Lexa didn’t allow her joy to be stolen just because she had to stand in line. My prayer for all of us is that we spend more time joyfully anticipating God’s blessings for our lives, than letting ourselves get distracted by life’s inconveniences. Like a child anticipates the joys of Christmas, may our child-like faith anticipate the blessings of God.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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