Wednesday Word

Today I have the honor of sharing what my son, Aaron, wrote for our Wednesday Word.  Aaron is a rising Junior at Gardner Webb.  We affectionately call him our wordsmith.  I hope you enjoy Aaron’s Wednesday Word.

We could all learn a thing or two about being gracious. This seems basic, but sometimes we need reminders about the most basic things in life.  I should know, as a brother to a younger sister I have all too many times where I have the opportunity to respond to frustrating situations negatively.

It’s so much easier to respond to situations in life that are frustrating by lashing out. Such a response is gratifying in a base way. That’s because it appeals to our prideful natures. As sinners, we are people often dominated by pride and it is this pride that causes us to act in ways that are selfish. But as gratifying as these selfish responses may be in the moment, they are harmful in the long run.

I have recently realized that when we respond to situations on our base instincts, when we lash out in anger or spite, we are feeding into a cycle. This cycle is one of pain and hurt. When we lash out it is more often than not because we feel we have been hurt or wronged in some way. By making the decision to respond in such a way we project our hurt back out onto others. What we are called to do as Christians is break this cycle.

The world tells us to respond out of pride. It tells us that we need to be the authors of our own retribution because no one else will look out for us. But Someone is looking out for us. And let us never forget that He is the author and finisher of all. So why don’t we leave it up to Him? Let us not be conformed but counter-cultural. Let us follow the example like Jesus who, “… humbled himself by taking the form of a servant” (Philippians 2:6b). We need to break the cycle.

– Aaron Hilton (for Bonnie) 

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