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Happy 25th Birthday WBFJ!!!!

I am so thankful for the ministry of WBFJ. Before I was an employee at WBFJ, I was a listener and a volunteer, just like many of you.  I have been a part of the WBFJ family before we ever went on air!!  It all started for me listening to our AM station 1550.  My story goes back even further, when I would ride to work with my mother.  Mama and her friend would have the dial on 1550.  Oh, it drove me crazy, all that preaching.  It was that seed though, that led me to WBFJ-AM when I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of doing it my way, when I really found out what true relationship with Jesus was.  I needed something new to listen to.  I am thankful to my mama, that without knowing she was planting a seed the Lord would water and bring full circle.

All I ever wanted to listen to was and is WBFJ. I found life in the songs.  The Lord used WBFJ to provide healing to my broken heart through the music and teaching that came through the airwaves.  I would be that caller trying to win prizes!  I loved every DJ.  I was always excited to see them out and about!!  I felt connected.

Needless to say when I was asked to be on the volunteer team to discuss what we might like on the FM station, I was thrilled to be a part. On September 9, 1994, WBFJ-FM went live and I for one was never so happy!!!!!  WBFJ was and is my favorite station.  It really is the only one I chose to listen to.  I learned early on that you become what you feed yourself with.  I try to stay full on the promises of God, with WBFJ being one of those vehicles!!!!

I am so thankful for WBFJ. I am thankful that God saw fit in His great plan to place me in WBFJ first as a volunteer then as an employee.  We are all ruined to work anywhere else because what we have here is so special.  We love one another.  We love you our listening and volunteer family.  Our mission statement is encourage, disciple and unify…  We do our best with the Lord’s help to walk that mission out first in the office and then walk that mission out through our lives.

I am truly one blessed person to call WBFJ my radio station, my family, my home!!!! And thrilled that you are part of that family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s your WBFJ story? We would love to hear it!!!!!



                  How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!  Psalm 133:1

P.S. We are going to celebrate our 25th birthday at the Dixie Classic Fair – We need volunteers from Friday, Oct. 4-Sunday, Oct 13., to help with PLINKO, work at the concert, paint faces!!  Email me if you are interested in knowing more!!!!




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