Wednesday Word

Can I just tell you how happy I am that you are part of our WBFJ family!!!

As family we get to watch our families grow through good and bad times.   We have the opportunity to rejoice and lament with one another as our lives and families grow and change.

Today can I ask you to rejoice with my family!!  We are celebrating, like many of you a much anticipated milestone in our family’s life, our baby girl, Addy Hilton will be graduating from Benton Gray High School on June 1st.  

Many of you have watched Addy grow up!  I remember the day I came into work and told Wally, at a time that I thought my hours would be increasing, because my our son, Aaron was going to be going into kindergarten, that instead Ron and I expecting.  We were overjoyed that we were having another child, but at 41 years of age. when most had completed their family, we were taken back just a tiny bit, as we were starting over,  Not our plans , but yours Lord.  We had always wanted a second child, even though the timing wasn’t necessarily ours, it was His. so it was best!!!

We loved the name Addy and when people asked, I would tell her she adds so much to our family, our lives. The name has been fitting as I feel she adds so much to this world!!!

Now that little girl will be embarking on a new journey!!  One filled with hope, love and faith!!!  Do we know her exact journey, no!  Does she have hopes and dreams, yes!  What we do know is that Addy Leigh Hilton was and is a gift from God, hand picked and chosen for such a time as this in our family, in our world.  What we do know, is  that she is the daughter of the King, she loves Jesus and she has learned to trust Him. He has great plans for Addy. that we believe He will help her to carry out!! “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you, not to harm you, plans to you hope and  a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

Our God is faithful to keep His word, whether we are talking about my daughter or yours!!!  We are inadequate in ourselves to make everything work out, but we have a God  who is faithful and true , who loves our children so much more than we do, so we trust Him to keep His promises to Addy, to your children and to us!!

Will you rejoice with me as we celebrate our baby girl’s ending of the journey of high school to what lies next!  May I covet your prayers? After all isn’t that what families do for one another?

I love you and thank God for you!!!

If you have times of rejoicing or times you need prayer, please reach out to us,  Your WBFJ family is here for you!!!







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