From the moment Halloween ends we are thrust into the Christmas season. We go from “Trick or Treat” to “Seasons Greetings” in the blink of an eye.

The only speed bump in this mad dash toward Christmas Day is Thanksgiving—the forgotten holiday. For many, the last Thursday in November is a quick breather in the middle of an insanely busy season. It’s just a pit stop before the annual greed stampede we call “Black Friday,” which now begins on Thursday night. The real tragedy, however, is that we have lost the meaning behind the holiday. Thanksgiving is now more synonymous with gluttony than gratitude. Did you realize that the night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest nights of the year for bars across the country?

It’s no wonder we skip over a holiday focused more on feasts and football, and focus more on a holiday that has become an unfortunate expression of wanting more for “me.” Unfortunately, it’s the cultural mindset of today. It’s time we work together to change this and it ought to begin with each of us that call ourselves Christ followers. This doesn’t mean we have to wait to play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. What it does mean is to intentionally spend the time between now until Thanksgiving focused on gratitude for all God has blessed us with. If we can do this, maybe by the time Christmas Day arrives, we just might find that “less is more” and hopefully remind us all to express our proper thankfulness to God not only during the holidays, but all year ’round. Let it start with each of us!


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