Thankful Thursdays


Thankful for God’s hand in my marriage of 20 years. Some very hard times hit my marriage and I drew closer to God; as always happens in crisis. God was there and gave me strength and patience I did not know I had. My family has been restored and I know It is because of my faith and God’s work in all of our hearts. The music on WBFJ also help comfort me through the hard days.
JJ Heller’s song “His Hands” was a reassuring message, I needed to hear.
Thankful for God’s Provision in Marriage. – Christine

My wife and I know what it is like to experience a devastating job loss! In April 2011, I lost my job ending a 14 year career in the grocery business. Devastated and heart broken, we had no choice but to turn to God. Having a firm foundation and personal relationship with Christ was our backbone when we felt like a jelly fish. However, we wish that we could tell you that things turned around right away, but that is simply not the case. In the 3 months following my job loss, the school that I was attending closed the local campus where I attended, our cars broke down 5 times, the roof of our home sprung a leak, my wife became pregnant with our second child. I was only out of work for 15 days before being offered a job, which is truly a blessing from God. When the school that I was attending closed, a door opened that allowed me to transfer to Liberty University where I am now a Senior. While we may have been without a job, we were never without an income. By God’s grace and mercy, we got up everyday and put one foot in front of the other, and God smiled on us. My wife and I know from personal experience the level of devastation, hopelessness, anger, and sadness that losing a job can bring into your life. We have turned the corner enough now that we feel God telling us to reach back and start helping others. – John 


I’m so thankful to God for my 4 children who are so gifted! Elizabeth, Stephen, Joy and Sarah I love you!What a blessing they are.
I’m also so thankful for my mom who brought me up to know Christ and learn His Word. Even now that she has Alzheimers, I’m thankful that she still loves to sing and praise the Lord. This past Saturday my van broke down. My uncle who owns a scrap metal business, came and towed my van and is taking care of the fuel pump and the emission issues. Thanks be to the Lord! – Peggy

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