So You Want to Volunteer?

I am asked many times how do you go about being a volunteer at WBFJ.  Well, it really is easy!!!!

You can sign up to be a volunteer through our website.  I will then put your information in our data base.

Anytime we have a volunteer need, I will email everyone to let them know.  If it is something you are interested in, you let me know and we go from there.  It’s that easy!!!!!!!

What type of volunteer needs do we have?  Concerts, Mailings, Sharathon Celebration and others, as they arise.

Our next opportunity is our annual Sharathon Celebration!!!!  It is next week, Tuesday, May 5th – Friday, May 8th!

During our Celebration, we need volunteers to answer our phones and take information from those who call in and want to give!!!

Our shifts are 6-9a, 9a-12n, 12n-3p and 3p-7.

We would love to have you come be a part of the celebration!!!

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