Save a Life!

I wanted to share with you an email I recieved last weekend…

“Josiah Allen is 15 and battling leukemia. He is in need of a bone marrow transplant and because of the many people tested, they have located an 8 out of 8 match donor. We praise the Lord for this donor and continue to pray that the cancer goes into remission so they can proceed with the transplant.

There are many other parents, like Josiah’s, who watch their children suffer and they daily have the registry checked to see if there has been a donor match yet. There are spouses searching for a match for their husband or wife and children seeking a match and donor for their parents. Those donors are people like you and me.

NASCAR has teamed up with the National Bone Marrow Program. Testing typically costs $52 and The Nascar Foundation is paying the cost for anyone who is tested at a track or signs up on line. If you are going to a race, look for the testing site. If you cannot make it to a race, follow the website below and they will send you a kit. You swab the inside of your mouth and then send the sample back and they type match you and then put your information into the registry. If you are a match for someone, the registry will contact you.

Find out more here.

Please consider being tested today. Testing is free and families are desperate for a match. “

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