News – November 5, 2012

Elon man helping Sandy victims in New Jersey
ELON, N.C. — An Elon man is determined to help to victims of Superstorm Sandy.  He grew up in New Jersey and was devastated seeing pictures of places he loved to go when he was a child and set his mind to help his home state.  Gathered enough donated supplies to fill a 12 by 12 trailer and hit the road to New Jersey. He sent out an e-mail and received boxes and boxes of supplies from tooth paste to paper plates Brian has been in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey volunteering since Thursday. He’s been handing out food and water, cutting down trees, and helping strangers and family members clean out their homes.
“There’s no way to put it into words. You see it on T.V. and it seems like a movie. You see it in real life and its devastating,” Brian Flaherty sa

The first of a multitude of holidays is coming this Saturday.  November 11th is Veterans Day, an annual opportunity to honor former U.S. service members. And as these heroes age, it’s important to keep their stories and sacrifices alive by listening and learning.  Here are some great ways to commemorate veterans this holiday:

Listen to a Story—You may not think about it much, but everyone has a lesson to share and a story to offer. World War II for example, which killed and injured more people than any other war in human history, impacted an entire generation — from soldiers on the frontlines of battle, to children at home participating in the war effort. Learn about both world history and your family’s history by talking to older relatives and friends about their experiences and trials. You may even consider tape recording the conversation so you can share the personal account with others.  If you have a story yourself, consider writing it down or retelling it at the next family gathering.

Read a War Memoir—While reading and understanding the past is possible by delving into a standard-issue textbook, there is nothing like an eyewitness account to get a true feel for a crucial time in history. Such accounts can deliver a unique perspective on a familiar story.

Teach Your Children
No one is too young to learn about and honor the past. While children might enjoy a holiday parade, be sure to explain the true meaning of the day so they understand the reason for all the fanfare.
Many schools choose to honor veterans by inviting them to speak at assemblies and before history classes. Find out what programs are happening at your school.
Don’t let this Veterans Day pass by unrecognized. Take the time to honor the past.

Little Creek and Easton Parks 
The Winston-Salem Parks and Recreation Department has been awarded two grants totaling $13,000 to refurbish basketball courts at Little Creek and Easton Parks.  The come from the Sprite Spark Parks promotion sponsored by Coca Cola and Lowes Foods.

Early Voting 
On Friday, the number of early voters in Forsyth County broke the 2008 record of around 81,000 people and by the time early voting had ended Saturday night, the total was close to 100,000 of the 245,000 registered voters.  Forsyth county also saw 12,000 absentee ballots and 350 military and overseas ballots.

The Miracle Tour 
Third Day is going to be hitting the road again for The Miracle Tour starting in January.  And that’s great and all, but what’s really exciting with a group like this is that some opening acts are getting some awesome exposure hear.  Third Day is going to be sharing stage time with Colton Dixon, American Idol contestant and singer of “You Are” and Josh Wilson singer of “

Bible Shirt 
A woman in Texas was forced to wear a jacket while voting after being told that the shirt she was wearing was “offensive”.  Her shirt said “Vote the Bible”.

A diver off the coast of Maui competing in a competition said he knew something was wrong when he felt a “tug” on his leg.  This “tug” turned out to be a 15 foot tiger shark.

Haggerty Insurance 
South Carolina family had a goat eat the top off their 1965 Ford Mustang…the owner of a 1971 Jaguar was towed after his engine began to overheat and the mechanic found a large snake wrapped around the drive belt…
Florida Obama Office 
Obama’s campaign headquarters in Fort Myers Florida was BURGLARIZED.  No political statemnts or graffiti were left behind and none of the computers were stolen.  Just some cash.

Disney & Star Wars 
Disney spent $4 billion dollars last week on a pretty smart investment.  They are now the proud owners of Lucasfilms!  And as so, they are giving Star Wars fans a seventh episode of Star Wars and an entire new trilogy!  The question is who will play Luke, Leai and Han Solo?!?!  I say Anne Hathaway should play Leai not so sure about the other two.

Tay Tay 
Taylor Swift is on the cover of Cosmo and the title of the article is “Crazy for a Kennedy”!  Which is a problem since they broke up weeks ago.

Superstorm Sandy’s Manic Monday 
Apparently we are trying to sell this storm on alliteration.  New Yorkers are bracing themselves for the comeback of their transit system that has experienced it’s worst natural disaster in it’s 108-year history.

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