News for March 14, 2013

After just two days of voting, white smoke rose from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel with 115 cardinals have selected the new pope. Jorge Bergoglio has been elected pope, the first ever from the Latin America. The 76 year old former archbishop of Buenos Aires has chosen the name Pope Francis.

The Men’s ACC basketball tournament officially TODAY
at the Greensboro Coliseum…
(area teams of interest…)
N.C. State/Virginia Tech: 2:30pm
Wake Forest/Maryland: 7:00pm
(Duke and UNC begin their tournament play tomorrow)

Tax Prep Assistance – Volunteers will be on hand TODAY from 9am to 1pm at the Central Library in downtown Winston-Salem.  The tax prep assistance is for senior citizens and for individuals  / families with low to moderate income tax returns.   Info?  703-3020

Everyone gets a chance to succeed right? The homeless population in Greensboro now have a chance to earn their high school diploma and a possible way to a better life. The Interactive Resource Center and Guilford Technical Community College have partnered to offer a free G.E.D. program.
Now the homeless or at-risk individuals have a chance to complete their G.E.D. at the IRC for free. Students also get free bus passes to bring them to class twice a week.

Don’t Include these at dinner tonight if eggs aren’t in your diet.. Harris Teeter is recalling one of their Market Bakery bread. The product, Knot Rolls, contains eggs, but a label affixed to bulk bins where the bread is sold does not list the eggs as an ingredient. In response to the error, Harris Teeter has removed the recalled product from bulk bins and packaged it to include the correct ingredient label.

A “Right” or opinion? – The ACLU has raised concerns in Rowan county for opening commission meetings with prayer. The ACLU filed suit Tuesday citing the opening invocations violate their constitutional rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments. The suit also notes the county never formally responded to an ACLU letter sent in February 2012 asking commissioners to stop the prayers.

Having some wacky, really obscure dreams? Some recent studies revealing there is some evidence that eating a spicy meal shortly before going to sleep can lead to some crazy dreams, even nightmares. In fact, eating anything too close to bedtime can trigger more dreams, because the late night snacks increase the body’s metabolism and temperature. Heightened metabolism and temperature can lead to more brain activity, prompting more action during rapid eye movement sleep, or REM.

Spring officially begins at 7:02am next Wednesday, March 20
On the first day of Spring (or the Vernal Equinox) both day and night will be 12 hours long…  And, the Sun will rise and set due east and west.
BTW: Summer begins on June 21st…

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