News for March 12, 2013

Revaluation Fight Continues in Forsyth County
Today is the deadline  to appeal property tax values here in Forsyth county.  The recen revaluation showed that more than 90% of homes in the county were valued lower than they were 4 years ago and some as much as 50%.  We’ll know the outcome of the appeal after today, but there is still another way to battle this.  State Rep. Ed Hanes is submitting a bill that will allow Forsyth and other counties to hold to their 2008 appraisals.  Monday a workshop at the Carl H. Russell Sr. Recreation Center.  The workshop was coordinated by the Ministers Conference of Winston with help from other community organizations.  The goal was to inform property owners how to appeal the revaluation.  Several other similar workshops were held and seen as very helpful.

Incentives Could Bring 250 Jobs to Davidson County
Davidson County is looking at the county’s largest incentive proposal where pledged jobs are concerned in the past 2 1/2 years.  It’s called Project Plum, and an unidentified company has pledged to create 250 jobs within three years and spend more thatn $24 million dollars in capital investments.  The company will be responsible for signing a ten year contract and will be located in Thomasville.

Kidney Stones:  “Worse than childbirth”
A surprising amount people (including women) would tell you that a kidney stone is worse than child birth.  Knowing that, most people want to do everything they can to avoid them.  Dr. Dianne Sacco director of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Kidney Stone Program says that the main dietary factors associated with kidney stone formation are high salt intake and low water intake and animal protein.  (Motley Crue: Vince Neil)  One of the best ways to expel kidney stones is to of course drink a lot of water.  Also, you need to avoid caffeinted beverages.  This will not only help you pass a formed kidney stone but will help prevent the creation of future stones.  Another thing is that people tend to decrease movement because of their pain but it is very helpful to keep moving.

Papal Conclave to Elect New Pope Set to Begin
They’ve had their mass to pray over their decision and get their hearts and minds in the right place.  Now, 115 cardinals have moved to the Sistine Chapel to pick the religious leader of the 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world.  The only sign of progress is the smoke from the recently installed copper chimney.  When we say that smoke is the only way we know what’s going on…we mean it.  The Vatican city has actually installed signal scramblers to interfere with the use of cell phones and internet so that the Pope will not be given away until our cardinals are ready.

Facebook ‘Likes” Leave a Personal Trail, Study Warns
We use Facebook to keep up with close friends and to learn about acquantinces.  But a british research has recently proved that just by clicking “Like” you can give people access to facts about you…you may not want them to have.  It’s somewhat of a lasting virtual fingerprint that gives information fo marketers, credit agencies, companies, potential employers, politicians, or the government.  58,000 people participated in the study where they gave access to their profile and the researchers developed a mathematical model that predicted Gender 93% of the time, Race 95%, Political Affiliation 85%, and Religion 82% of the time JUST from clicking “like”.  The important thing to remember, the researchers say, is that SOMEONE will pay to use this data.

Christians Dominate “American Idol” This Season
Mandisa, Colton Dixon, Jason Castro, and Chris Sligh.  What do they all have in common?  American idol.  While the show has always had Christian participants, this year eight of the top 10 are Christians.  Angela Miller, who many think will be the winner this year performed an original worship song during the Hollywood auditions and frequently talks about her faith…on twitter.

Freezer Gel Pack Recall
There has been a recall on gel packs that come from a company named California Innovations.  Their gel packs contain diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol which can leak from damaged packs and pose a poisoning hazard if ingested by children or adults.  The company has received two separate reports of dogs chewing and ingesting gel from the packs and the dogs died.  Has a logo with the words “Ci Sport” attached to the upper left corner.

Texas Cornerstone Megachurch to Unveil $5 Million Noah’s Ark
Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas is unveilling their Noah’s Ark structure.  It’s meant to be a teaching tool for children and seems nice.  But this isn’t a little boat.  There are 16 animatronic animals true-to-size aboard the 28,400 square foot building.  This building took over a year and $5 million dollars to build.  Being this size, it was designed to handle about 850 children.  The animals in the central area of the hull including a tortoise, sheep, zebra, rhinocerous, and a talking macaw that is your host on your ark adventure.  These animals are going to be named after a historical church figure as a springboard to lessons.  Nine of the 16 animals were created by a firm that makes robotic animals for movies.  The rhino actually appeared in the John Cusack film “2012”.  This is not the only thing they did to make this a complete and very real experience.  The ceiling above the central area is painted with clouds and sky and two 30-foot shooting stars.  There are 400 simulated candles to create day and night environments.  The church didn’t hesitate in spending the money and people haven’t hesitated to criticize them for doing it.  The pastor responded by saying “If casinos can build opulent buildings to incentivize gamblers to want to come and enjoy their weekend, how then can you justify not building something that would incentivize people to come and hear about the word of God?”

Texting While Walking Ban Headed to Nevada
Texting while driving is very dangerous obviously and legislation concerning it is growing.  In Nevada, Vegas’ assemblyman Harvey Munford is introducing Assembly Bill 123 that would fine $250 dollars for texting…while walking.  That’s right pedestrians who are caught texting on a third offense will be charged $250.

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