News for August 9, 2013

Undergraduate Students enrolled at North Carolina’s 16 Public Universities, a Year from now, can expect a Pause from what has been Steady Tuition Increases, UNC President, Tom Ross, said Thursday.  Ross will recommend No Tuition Increases for Undergraduate State Residents heading into the 2014-15 Academic Year.
In-State Students are Currently paying 90% More in Tuition and Fees than a Decade ago.
Ross says… “I think it’s time for us to step back and not increase tuition…” Sharing this suggestion with members of the university system’s Board of Governors.
He says… “It’s going to be a struggle because we received another budget cut this year, but we have to figure out how we can be more efficient and how we can absorb these cuts.”
Out-of-State Tuition will rise 6% at most other campuses.

North Carolina’s High School Graduation Rate continued to Rise in 2013, according to new figures released Thursday.  The Latest State Figures show that 82.5% of Public High School Seniors Graduated this year in Four Years… Up from 80.4% in 2012.  The State’s Graduation Rate has Risen by 14.2 Percentage Points over the past Seven Years.
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools had a graduation rate of 82.1 percent in 2013, up 11.3 percentage points from 70.8 in 2008.

Pediatric Dentist Dr. Scott Cashion is Warning Parents that Improper Cleaning of Pacifiers could lead to Dental Decay.  He says the Decay can be Transmitted from Adult to Child by the Parent Sucking on the Pacifier to “clean it.” …and, Many Parents just Don’t Realize that Adult Saliva contains a Variety of Microorganisms which may be Harmful to Health!”
Dr. Cashion says, “Another Precaution is to Avoid Dipping the Pacifier in Honey… Juice… Sugar… or, Sweetened Drinks!” … “The High Sugar Content in these substances can contribute to what we call ‘Baby Bottle Tooth Decay’ – or – Cavities in the Child’s Front Teeth.”

Did You Hear The One About The Half-Ton Tuna That Didn’t Get Away?
Last week, Gregg Looney and his Four Longtime Friends set out for an Entire Day of Fishing off the coast of Cape Cod.  After dropping anchor a few miles off of Provincetown at around 8:00am,
Gregg baited his first hook of the day.  “And then…” Greg says… “all of the sudden… BOOM!”
That BOOM was a 920-Pound Bluefin Tuna on the other end of his line.
He says… “It dragged us around the ocean for three hours… We had to cut the anchor!”
After Cleaning the 9-Foot-Long Tuna, once they docked, Looney Sold It for… $4000.00
It was Enough Tuna to fill nearly 2000 of the 5-ounce cans sold in the grocery store.
Will the gang do it again next summer?  “You bet…” Looney says… “…In the same spot, on the same day, at the same time, on same boat, with same crew, and I’m even going to use the same hook!”

Most Women Have Probably Heard the Phrase – “Beauty is Pain!” — Especially, when it comes to wearing High Heels. BUT… Did you know those High-Fashion Heels could cause Health Problems Beyond Discomfort?  High Heels may Look Good, but what they’re doing to Women’s Feet is Anything but Pretty.
“High Heels can cause Stress Fractures… Tendonitis… All Types of Bone Spurs… And, encourage Bunion and Hammertoe Formation,” according to one Podiatrist.
He says that… “Heels can Also affect Other parts of the body, leading to various and even Complete Misalignment of the entire skeletal system.”
The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends that women wear heels No Higher than
Two Inches. The Best Solution may be to wear heels in moderation, and always pack a pair of flats.

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