July 21st Edition

What is it about human nature that desires our victories to be public? We want everyone to know that we are winners, accomplished the task, achieved the prize…and they – did not!

Ticker-tape parades, championship t-shirts and Rose Garden receptions have become the standard of the winners’ spoils. Victory itself seems incomplete without the praise of others.

Recently, my family had opportunity to celebrate a victory that was nearly a decade in the making. However, due to circumstances beyond our control and a powerful mid-summer thunderstorm, the celebration of such was basically non-existent. Those who had helped make the dream a reality had been dispersed by the events of the day.

How many victories in life go by without notice? Does the lack of attention cheapen the achievement?

I guess we have to ask ourselves if the joy of the victory is in the celebration OR in the accomplishment, the finished race, the job well-done? Maybe…our focus in winning should mirror that of the One who endured by finding joy in the “prize that was set before Him.” That trumps the party every time!

Wally Decker

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