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Energize Your Pastor

Tami Rumfelt

Tami Rumfelt

Tami with an i - Afternoon Host at WBFJ fm - Your family station!
I have three awesome kids – Andrew, Carley and Laura. My husband, Alton, is a delivery driver by day with dreams of one day publishing his own comic book. Yes, he is a geek, but I love him anyway.

I have been working at WBFJ since September 2004 when God threw me out of the boat I was riding in and set me on a new and wonderful course. I love co-hosting the morning show, although the lack of sleep does make me a bit loopy at times.

Tami Rumfelt

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October is Clergy Appreciation Month.  It’s a good time to remember that our pastors/ministers are on the clock 24/7, rarely getting a reprieve.  Even though the...