When my son was 15, he got what’s called a “Jones Fracture” after landing on his foot the wrong way during football practice. When it happened, it didn’t seem like a huge deal. In fact, he finished out practice, got cleaned up, and then took part in a chorus concert that same night! Unfortunately, the x-rays that were taken the next day revealed a fracture that would end up being quite a big deal after all.

A Jones Fracture is a crack right in the middle of the bone that runs along the outside of your foot, your fifth metatarsal. A fracture in that exact spot on that specific bone is notorious for not healing well without help. When it happened, the doctor told us that there was only about a 50% chance it would heal without surgical intervention. So, after wearing a cast and hobbling around school on crutches for a couple weeks with no improvement to the fracture, we felt we had no choice but to agree to the surgery. The doctor placed a screw inside the bone which forced the fracture closed and allowed the bone to knit itself back together. Thankfully, the surgery went off without a hitch and, after a couple months, Andrew was back on the football field.

Life doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to, does it? Hurts sometimes, often times, run too deeply to be healed without help. Hobbling around with a broken heart is no way to live.   Are you in that place today?  If so, I’m praying that you will seek help.  Find a good, Christian counselor or wise friend who can help walk you through the journey to healing.  And, of course, pray. Pray that our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and our Prince of Peace will penetrate into the depth of your pain, pulling everything together and healing the places that are broken.

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