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Shop Savvy
Bargain shoppers can use ShopSavvy to compare the price of one item at several different stores in their area. And with over 22 million products in its system, this app keeps you covered beyond just school supplies. Wondering if you can find those light-up sneakers for less? Simply scan the bar code with your phone.

Coupon Sherpa Mobile
For those who lack the patience for printing coupons, Coupon Sherpa Mobile is a must-have. It delivers right to your phone both Internet and exclusive coupons from more than 5,000 retailers, like Old Navy and Walmart, that you can present at checkout for a discount.

Ace Budget
Think of Ace Budget as your e-checkbook register. Enter purchases on your phone and forget about saving receipts. Plus, it turns your spending habits into pie charts and compares them to past trends.

CollegeSave estimates the cost of an education for your kid and tells you what to save each month. This cool app also alerts you if what you’re actually saving will fall short of covering Junior’s bill so you can adjust your spending

Pageonce tracks your accounts and has a Payments Due feature that tells you when it’s time to pay. Best of all, if you lose your cell, you can log on to the website and block access to your account.
Instead of tediously entering your transactions (because you have time to burn, right?) this app gives you all-in-one money management for cards, bank accounts, investments, budgeting, income and expenditures. Mint automatically syncs up with your financial institutions and delivers all the info to you. One-click security keeps your info private, plus deactivation is easy online if you lose your phone.


My Cycles
You have enough to keep track of in your life without having to calculate your cycle too. This handy little app will calculate your period and ovulation schedule, displaying likely arrival times for each so you can time baby-making (or prevent it, whatever the case may be). Additional functionality lets you record symptoms, meds, treatments, Basal Body Temperature and other notes about your cycle.

Make mom’s night out that much more enjoyable by whipping out the Tipulator when the bill arrives.

This handy app splits the check easily between friends, has rounding up functionality and has a setting

for a variety of currencies, in case you’re on a fabulous business trip abroad.

OmniFocus or Things
Choose an all-in-one life organizer for you and the family. Both OmniFocus and Things work well

with desktop applications and are shareable with other family members so that you’re all on the

same page about who goes to swim lessons when. This app is fabulous for filling in those

communication gaps when and Dad get super busy.

You may not have the time or inclination right now to get into your artsy mode much, but you still love elevating the ordinary. Hipstamatic satisfies your inner photog by throwing a retro, analog feel on top your iPhone pics, giving you unique, unexpected results. The app keeps it new-school easy by allowing you to change out lenses, film and flash settings with just a touch of your finger.

Name that tune in four notes—SoundHound is ON it! This app not only recognizes songs in four seconds, but also has the ability to name tunes based on humming or singing (perfect for when that song name on the tip of your tongue is driving you crazy). You can get lyric and artist info instantly from your iPod list and do voice search on a band or song title. Now you’ll know the name of that new Lady Gaga song before your kids do.

Not new, but definitely necessary. Keep track of (and purchase) a hot daily deal from Woot. Follow, sellout.woot, shirt.woot, wine.woot and kids.woot in one fell swoop, and get alerts when new bargains show up. Pull the trigger when you see a great deal, and then be set for the holidays or the next birthday party.

Written by a practicing OB/GYN, iPregnancy helps you keep track of all your little squiglet’s milestones—estimated due date, gestational age and weekly schematics of baby’s development. You can also track your moods, OB visits and weight gain; get tips for you and your partner; share on Twitter and Facebook and much more. The Baby Name Picker functionality is particularly addictive.

Parenting Magazine’s Ages & Stages
Excuse us while we toot our own horn: Parenting‘s Ages & Stages child development app lets you customize it with the age of your children, or your due date, to get content customized just for your family. You can also search for tips on common topics like potty training, discipline, breastfeeding and more. It’s like having a parenting encyclopedia on you wherever you go.

ICE is the acronym used for “In Case of Emergency,” and in this case, it means you now have an app that contains everything your family needs to convey to EMS and doctors in a crisis situation. From an alarm system that contacts 911 with your location, to a recorded note with urgent medical info that plays when emergency services arrive, to lists of each family member’s medical details, smart-ICE4family is a no-brainer download for your peace of mind.



Baby Timer
Whether you’re a new mom or juggling your third, you know that keeping track of diaper changes, nursing sessions, naptime, baby weight, activities, pumping sessions and about everything else is pretty necessary, especially in the first few months of baby’s life. This app has all that handled and more, so you can give your overloaded, sleep-deprived brain a break. Bonus: Baby Timer can also track multiples and/or sibs.

SitOrSquat Bathroom Finder
Whether potty-training your toddler or taking care of your own business, this is one application

no one should be without. Self-explanatory, and free—SitOrSquat includes a rating system,

info on changing tables, handicap accessibility and vending machines for more personal items.

Share the love by entering any potties of note you encounter into the database.

ZipList is a free shopping list management app that allows you to create and share grocery lists

with family members, and syncs automatically with your ZipList account online. Sort grocery store

lists by aisle or store, text lists to other members, download ingredients from sites to list and snag

meal ideas from the recipe database. The barcode feature is the coolest: simply scan UPC codes

on products in your cupboard to add to your list. Strangely, family food management becomes fun

and efficient. And now no one will forget the bread!

Martha’s Everyday Food: Quick & Easy Recipes
Ms. Martha and her Everyday Food team have you covered with easy-to-access (and make!)

recipes the whole family will love. You can chose from the daily delivery of a dinner recipe, or search

through a database that slices and dices by ingredients, cooking method, etc. It also plays well with

ZipList for shopping list functionality. Isn’t it about time that the daily drudgery of dinnertime became easier?

Traveling with the fam is typically a harried, “did-you-remember-to-pack-that-important-thing?” kind of affair

and getting everyone to the airplane in one piece can be a modern miracle. TripIt helps with one key aspect

—getting everyone’s itineraries organized and in one place, so you don’t have to rifle through a bunch of

paperwork at the airport. The app gives directions to and from your destination, links to airlines, hotels and

restaurants and keeps track of your frequent flyer accounts. You’re still on tap for handling your toddler on

the 5-hour flight, however, so check out our round-up of best apps for kids!

Mom Maps
If you’re out of town, you might have no idea where to take the kids for some age-appropriate fun. Whip

out your Mom Map, and be inspired! This app boasts more than 24,000 kid-focused locations in metro

areas, and utilizes your GPS functionality to get you there. You can help make the app even more robust

by contributing to the database.




Your Breastfeeding Friendly Locator
Although this is technically not a mobile app yet, it’s a lifesaver for new moms. If Bravado, makers of nursing

apparel, has their way, you’ll no longer be stuck in a bathroom stall, nursing your little one, because that’s

the only place you could find. This sweet database is still in the early stages, but its intent is to use your GPS

functionality to point you to a location where you can breastfeed your baby comfortably. Share your favorite

locations by inputting the info into their database, and rate the ones already there. The app plays well with

Twitter and Facebook and encourages you to share there, too.

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Verne Hill

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I enjoy many things: Music. Family movie nights. My American flag flapping in the wind. Sunsets at the beach. Snow days. The Sweet Tea Party. Salvation through Grace… VERSE: “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD” Psalm 150 QUOTE: “A person who loves his job, will never work a day in his life.” MON-SAT 6A-10A (& Sunday@5 host)