Allen Branch –Fitness for the New Year

Thanks to Personal Trainer, Allen Branch for helping us get on the right track with our fitness New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s his website for more info:
FYI–They are booking Personal Training appointments and the prime slots are filling up quickly. If you’re interested…get in touch with them ASAP!

Allen’s tips for keeping you fitness commitments:

1. Choose an obtainable goal

2. Create a Game Plan- Write your goal down with a specific plan on how to achieve it

3. Take it Step-by-Step & Monitor Your Progress

4. Give it a Little Time-experts sat it takes 21 days for something to become a habit, and 6
months for it to become a regular part of your life

5. Create Accountability–Find a Friend to Get Fit With

6. Get Some Help–Working with a fitness professional will increase your success rate

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