10 Fantastic Mother's Day Gifts Under $50

Vikki Spencer is a Certified Life Coach and the “Mom Whisperer”.  Here are her suggestions for great Mother’s Day gifts on a budget.  Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12.

1- iTunes Gift card – Although $50 would be a generous amount, add a list of special apps tailored to mom’s life. For example, Evernote is a great app for lists and collections of info, Picstitch can help her make collages out of photos. Think food, home, apps. You can even list free apps – while it makes the gift go further, it also reinforces you know her.

2- Handmade Coupon book

Include goodies such as

— family makes dinner tonight

–family clean up night

— free 10 min. hand massage

— free morning to sleep in

— 3 hours alone (in house or at a park, etc.)

— night off (after 7pm, everyone is on their own).

3- Entertainment

— Area concerts at universities, music schools, WBFJ, etc. have concerts for free or very low cost.

Groupon – $18 for ticket to see a violinist brought in by Greensboro Symphony

–Art Museums (several in our area!)

4– Classes

Give the gift of a class offered by community colleges and universities to the general public.

Honor mom’s love of photography, writing, pottery, jewelry making, etc.!

Each week, the family will rally around making it possible for her to get there – the gift that keeps giving!

5– Amp It Up

If flowers and chocolates really do fit the bill, make them AMAZING.

Groupon has amazing deals for these items.

Also, consider asking her to choose a plant for the yard and everyone planting it for her.

Or for chocolates, go to local health stores and choose some exotic flavors of candy for her “stash”.

6– Lunch for Two

When money is tight, it’s a gift to be able to experience restaurant cuisine on a budget. But even the priciest restaurants offer smaller plates of signature dishes. This helps mom get to a new place she might love, or always wanted to try – but stick to a budget.

7– Word Gift

Have kids describe mom or cut out words or photos from magazines ad paste onto a 8×10 board and frame it.  Or, write what a typical day looks like right now. These simple word gifts are markers and acknowledgements of the present. they will be invaluable as things change.

8- Adventure

— Explore a new local city or town

— Put $25 of gas in the car and go somewhere, and see where the day leads.

— Get outdoors and walk in a park, hike Hanging Rock, or just find the waterfalls there.

— Whatever you do, take photos and print them out = Mothers’ Day Memories.

9- Goal Gift card –

Did they reach a milestone or make a change?

If they lost weight or landed a new job = gift card to a clothing store.

If they are moving or moved, get a card for a home decor store like Pier 1, or World Market so they can splurge a little

10 – Personal time and space

Although most moms with kids at home feel guilty to admit it, they often would like a little breathing room. Often 15 minutes of quiet feels like hours – imagine how refreshing hours would be?

— Pick a date on the calendar and plan for a night away at a hotel. Use travel sites like Expedia orTravelocity to land a 3-5 star hotel for under $50.

— 4 hours in the house alone.

— 4 hours in a park.


Always include asking for or giving a handmade item from each child. Above all else, this is our treasure!

Always let go of cooking and cleaning. Lean in and enjoy each other.

If possible, send a note to a mom with kids in a stage under your own. This piece of encouragement may fill in gaps that no one else can understand. 🙂


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