• Abigail Owens

    Office Assistant

    Besides my work at WBFJ, I enjoy writing and playing songs, (actually since I was 9). I've led worship at various churches, camps, retreats, youth rallies, and coffee shops across North Carolina. With a love of music and a heart for God I desire to pour my soul into every word and chord, and also into the ministry of WBFJ. My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms.

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  • Bonnie Hilton

    Volunteer Coordinator

    At WBFJ my job title states, "Volunteer Coordinator", but I'm so very blessed to have several other labels on a daily basis including: Wife, Mom, Daughter, Parking Attendant, class party planner, etc.. Yes, I'm a busy bee, but I love all the activity.

    My two children keep me running from day to day. Aaron is 15 and Addy is 10 and both of them are so full of life and personality. My husband, Ron, and I have been married for 20 wonderful years, and God continues to show our family his goodness in so many ways. For 13 years I have called WBFJ home, and I don't anticipate changing residence any time soon.

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  • Cindy Davis

    Donor Services

    Now that our children are grown, my husband and I can concentrate on things we have been wanting to do. One thing is working in missions and growing stronger in God through our church. Tony and I were married April 12, 1981. We have two wonderful children: Christina, a RN, was married September 25, 2010 and Chad a Math major at UNC-Wilmington and graduates in May, 2012. God continues to Bless me with working at WBFJ since October, 2006.

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  • Jeff Foster


    After 8 years, the broadcasting road finally led to Trade Street. I graduated from Liberty University in 2003 with a degree in Audio Broadcasting. Found myself working with 5 different radio stations, including 2 in Winston-Salem, and 1 in Maryland, before ending up here at WBFJ. God has amazing timing.

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  • John Hill

    Dr. Gary Chapman gave my searching heart a little booklet listing “Short Terms Abroad”. That landed me at Christian radio station WIVV on Vieques Island in the Caribbean off and on until I came to WBFJ in 1986. I say “off and on” since I took 3 years out for Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth.

    My better half Judy gave me the greatest 'human' gift in 1987 when she said “I do”. Don’t try to reconcile the math, but I have 3 teen age grandchildren now. Hannah, the oldest gave me the name "Papa John" and was disappointed when she found out that all those pizza places were not mine.

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  • Lana Hedgecock

    After completing several mission trips working with orphans throughout the world, I knew God intended for me to adopt! In 2007, I brought my daughter, Lexa, home from Kazakhstan. Although being a working mom keeps me very busy, helping out at WBFJ is my favorite hobby. For relaxation, I love taking Lexa to Disney World, UNC-Chapel Hill football games and, basically, anywhere else she wants to go. When she’s a little older, I plan to take Lexa with me on some international mission trips so that we can explore God’s world together and shine His love on those who need it.

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  • Tami With-an-i

    Co-Host, Your Family-Friendly Morning Show

    I have three awesome kids - Andrew, Carley and Laura. My husband, Alton, is a delivery driver by day with dreams of one day publishing his own comic book. Yes, he is a geek, but I love him anyway.

    I have been working at WBFJ since September 2004 when God threw me out of the boat I was riding in and set me on a new and wonderful course. I love co-hosting the morning show, although the lack of sleep does make me a bit loopy at times.

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  • Verne Hill

    The News Guy - WBFJ Family Friendly Morning Show

    I enjoy many things: Music. Family movie nights. My American flag flapping in the wind. Sunsets at the beach. Snow days. The Sweet Tea Party. Salvation through Grace...

    VERSE: "Let everything that has breath praise the LORD" Psalm 150

    QUOTE: “A person who loves his job, will never work a day in his life.”

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  • Wally Decker

    General Manager

    Married my high school sweetheart (Diane) in 1987. She teaches kindergarten. We attend, fellowship and serve at Faith Missionary Alliance Church of Midway. We have three children: Tyler (20), Brianna (17) and Bradley (14) Obviously most of my free time (what's that?) is divided between family, church and community activities. Got into radio at age 15...have been part of the WBFJ team since 1983.

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  • WBFJ

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