Perspective in Focus

Perspective in Focus


On my last trip to Guatemala, I decided not to pack my camera.  I’d been there many times before and, at this point, I pretty much have a picture of everything that I might ever want a picture of.  Besides, I was bringing my cell phone which has a pretty decent built-in camera, so I didn’t see the point of having one more thing to lug around.

Unfortunately, my phone was either lost or stolen on the second day of the trip leaving me with no way to take any pictures from that point on.

But, here’s the cool thing that happened. I was traveling with 12 other people and just about all of them had cameras and were taking lots of pictures.  So, I just looked through theirs and saved the ones I wanted.

I noticed that their pictures often captured places, people and moments that I had completely missed. I was busy experiencing the trip through my eyes, but my team members were seeing the trip from their own, unique perspectives.  It’s interesting how we all went to the same places and did mostly the same stuff, yet all saw such different things.

It’s good to remember that each one of us a different, one-of-a-kind view of the world.  Especially when it comes to matters of faith.  Depending on our individual place in the Body of Christ, we’re bound to see things differently.  That doesn’t necessarily mean one view is right and the other is wrong.  We need to learn to respect one another’s perspectives and learn from them, thereby broadening our view of the Lord and His creation.

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