Wednesday Word – September 11


With the recent kick-off of the football season, I thought it would be fitting to share a football devotional…

Willie Parker never won the starting job at tailback for UNC. Not surprisingly, Parker was not drafted by the NFL in 2004, so his football career was over, right? Enter Dan Rooney, Jr. son of the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who had seen Parker play and recommended signing him as a free agent. He made the team and in 2005 rushed for 1,200 yards and was named to the All-Pro team in ’06 and ’07. Not bad for an undrafted player who thought his football career had come to an end.
The world tells us that happy endings are for fairy tales and the movies. The truth is that Jesus Christ has been producing happy endings for almost two millennia. That’s because in Jesus lies the power to change and rescue a life no matter how desperate the situation. Jesus is the master at putting shattered lives back together, healing broken hearts, broken relationships and resurrecting lost dreams.

And as for living happily ever after – God really means it:)

*After several injuries, Parker officially retired from football in 2012. He is currently on staff at West Virginia Wesleyan College.


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