Advice for Teens Looking for Jobs

Advice for Teens Looking for Jobs

Randy Wooden from the Goodwill Professional Center joined the morning show to share advice for job-hunting teenagers.  He says that teens have some big hurdles to overcome when interviewing for jobs.

First of all, Randy says that employers often have the impression that young people do not have a good work ethic.  To overcome this, you should go into the interview with specific examples of challenges you have faced (at school, in clubs, etc.) and how you handled them.  Remember the acronym “S.A.R.”–describe the Situation you faced, the Actions you took and the Results.

Secondly, your appearance is of utmost importance.  Dress the same way you would expect the supervisor of the job for which you are applying to dress.  A visit to the business before your interview will help you figure this out.  If you have tattoos and piercings, Randy recommends you remove/cover them and then during the interview ask about company policy in regard to personal appearance.  Also, don’t forget your online appearance.  Don’t post anything on social media that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of proper grammar and spelling in the application/interview process. “I cant w8 2 c u”, may work as a text to your friend, but it won’t cut it on a resume!

For more FREE career advice from Randy, you may contact him at the Goodwill Professional Center by phone: (336) 776-6829 or email: .

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