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A Rig Loaded with equipment and various supplies pulled out of the Samaritan’s Purse’ North Wilkesboro depot Thursday afternoon headed to Texas for Relief Efforts stemming from the tornadoes that hit the state Wednesday night, in which by the way, Seven (7) People are Still reported Missing!
Lloyd Blackwell, a Program Manager for Samaritan’s Purse, boarded a plane for Texas on Thursday afternoon to begin advance work on the project. Blackwell and other staff members will then partner with local community officials to coordinate the effort.
The Rig’s Trailer will also serve as a Command Post for Samaritan’s Purse’ Staff and Volunteers.  The Two-Level Rig is being driven by Volunteers Don & Denise Hall of Kernersville.  They are expected to complete the 18-hour journey sometime this evening.
While it is Certainly Not “Snakes on a Plane” – The Likelihood of Seeing Snakes in Your Yard has Risen!  With Warmer Weather comes the Increased Chance you’ll run across a dangerous snake in your yard.  Experts say they’re Already beginning to Get Calls about Copperhead Bites and Infestations.
Scott McNeely with McNeely Pest Control says while most snakes can be beneficial in helping keep the rodent population low, he warns Copperheads can be dangerous and should be avoided.
McNeely says snakes look for two things, shelter and food. He also says,
“If you’ve got a situation where Mice can get in… then, you’ve got a place where Snakes can follow!”

McNeely says small cracks in your foundation, around crawl spaces or in vents should be sealed. He also says low-lying brush should be removed, wood piles kept off the ground and high grass gotten rid of.


Dollar General Stores around the nation plan to hire 10,000 new employees,

And that includes right here in thePiedmont.

This Saturday (Tomorrow), you can head to the “May Hiring Event” at Most All Dollar General locations.  Store representatives will be on hand to accept resumes and talk about job opportunities.

The CAREER Fair will run from 10:00am to 2:00pm, on Saturday at the Dollar General at 4617 Yadkinville Road in Pfafftown.



 The W-S Fire Department plans to Stop Responding to Non-Emergency Medical Calls.  
It started taking those calls 13 years ago to Increase Response Time. However, Authorities say that out of the nearly 20,000 Medical Calls last year, as much as

70% of them were Not Emergencies!

Fire Chief Antony Farmer says the move will Save at Least $145,000.00 a Year, in Fuel Alone!  The Forsyth County EMS Also responds to the Medical Calls, and Will Continue to Do So!



Seeing Veterans on the Street without a Home broke a Piedmont Pastor’s Heart, so…

He decided to do something About It!

Pastor Barry Washington is the Executive Director of “Whole Man Ministries,” a non-profit organization inWinston-Salem.

The organization bought 2 Duplexes that were under Foreclosure. The Units were Also on the City’s Demolition List. … Now the Properties are being renovated.

An Interview Process will take place to decide Who will get to Live in the Rehabilitated Duplexes.  Pastor Washington says – “We want to make Sure that they (the currently homeless Veterans) are ready to Live on their Own… that they are Goal Oriented… and, that they’ll not be a Nuisance to the Neighborhood!”

“Whole Man Ministries” hopes to buy 3 More Duplexes that are on the City’s Foreclosure List, and renovate them in the Future!




Your WBFJ Family Station Forecast

Today:  Chance of Thunderstorms…High 85

Tonight:  Continued Chance of Thunderstorms…Low 65

Saturday:  Thunderstorms Likely…High 79

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