This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Resume

This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Resume


Job Coach Randy Wooden says that resumes have changed greatly over the years and job seekers must keep up with the times.  The two biggest changes revolve around technology and accepted practices.


Now that we’re not typing our resumes on a typewriter and having them printed out in mass quantities, we can and should tailor our resume to each job for which we are applying.  Just make sure to save each resume that you’ve “tweaked” with a file name that easily identifies it by the company and job applied for.

Randy also said that new resume scanning software used by many employers makes using the right words in your resume essential. According to Randy, “Today’s resume needs proper key words. Obtain them from the job description and make sure you list your accomplishments wherever possible. Ideally you’ll want to weave those key words into your job descriptions. Simply listing them in a “Qualifications” summary paragraph is certainly better than nothing, but don’t forget to include them throughout the document.

Accepted Practices

Phrases like “References Available Upon Request”, “Salary Negotiable” and an “Objective Statement” are considered outdated.  Also, you should only list one phone number…your cell.  You don’t need to label it as a cell phone on your resume, either.  Also, instead of a physical address, you may want to use your LinkdIn URL.

Randy Wooden and the folks a the Goodwill Professional Center are available to help with your job search.  Best of all, his services are free!  You may reach him at


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