News for May 15, 2013

News for May 15, 2013

In a letter to President Barack Obama, the Rev. Franklin Graham said he believes the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse are among the groups that were targeted by the IRS.
The Justice Department is investigating the IRS for targeting conservative groups when they applied for tax-exempt status. It says the agency created a “be on the lookout list” for groups linked to the Tea Party.
Graham says he believes his organizations made that list after he urged voters to support Amendment One, which supports Traditional Marriage.  He says audits also came as the organization was running ads encouraging voters to vote for candidates with Biblical principles during last fall’s presidential campaign.

A Recent Poll suggests that close to HALF of US High School Students Text while Driving.
Recent events over the past few years have proven that Texting while Driving, Greatly Raises the Risk of getting into a Potentially Fatal Car Crash. Learn more about how to encourage safe teen driving at the CDC on the News Blog at

HOW MUCH Does It Cost To Have A Party In Winston Salem? – Or at least, a Centennial Celebration…
Answer: “We used a budget of $150,000 approved by City Council,” said Ed McNeal, the marketing and communications director for the city of Winston-Salem. “As of the Friday before the celebration week, we had accounted for $146,600. The event is still settling expenses, but we have an estimated $6,000 in revenue.”

Thieves gutted several air conditioning units in order to access their valuable copper wiring at Shiloh Holiness Church on E. Vandalia Road, in Greensboro.  “They demolished All Five of the Units” according to Robert Taylor, the Pastor of the Church.  “While the Church Is Insured,” the Pastor says they simply “can’t afford to pay the difference for replacements.”

LATEST FITNESS CRAZE – Exercising on a Trampoline!
If you ask the Instructors in this latest Fitness Craze, They’ll tell you it’s
“All About the Secret to Getting Fit…” – which is, according to Them –
“…All about Having Fun.” – And, Why Not… because for the Average Weight of 150 pounds, One Hour on the Trampoline will burn 256 Calories! – At 200 Pounds, move that number up to 326 Calories!  The Trampoline apparently means Less Stress on your Joints, which along with the FUN Factor, means you just might do it More Often!  For information on where you can enjoy this Latest Fitness Craze in Our Area, check out our News Blog at WBFJ.FM…

NASCAR Fans who have always wanted to meet your Favorite NASCAR Driver… You might want to consider a visit to Bowman-Gray Stadium on Saturday nights from April to August…  Apparently, the Track is SO Popular that various Drivers from NASCAR’s Top 3 National Series, often come out to “The Madhouse” to enjoy a race!

Duck Dynasty invades The 700 Club on Wednesday
If you’re a Duck Dynasty Fan, Be sure to check out a Special Interview with the Dad & Mom of Double-D, Phil and Kay Robertson, on the 700 Club Today…
Find a station and time on the News Blog at

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