Just Perfect

Just Perfect

On a WBFJ “Cici’s Pizza Pledge” delivery, I met the cutest little girl.  It was a first grade class so, I’m guessing she was 6 or 7.  She was clearly of Hispanic descent…she had caramel colored skin, big walnut-shaped brown eyes and silky black hair that was pulled up into two high pigtails.  At one point during our time in her classroom, she walked up to me and looked up as if she had something to say.  I crouched down so she and I would be at eye-level.  At this point she turned her head to the side and pulled her hair back to show me something.   At first, I thought she wanted to show me her earrings, but I quickly realized that she was actually showing me the tiny pink hearing aids that she wore in her ears.

I wondered why the first thing she wanted me to know about her was that she had hearing aids.  Do they make her feel special?  Even though some would call her difference a disability, is the fact that she is different, something that makes her feel important?  It makes me sad to think that some day, probably sooner than later, another child will tease her about her hearing aids and she will no longer be excited to show them to new people. Unfortunately, the day is probably coming when she is embarrassed by and not proud of what makes her different.

How about you? We know for sure that each one of us was created individually and uniquely.  Do you try to hide the things that make you different or do you celebrate the things that make you YOU?  God created you this way because he has plans for your life that no one else can fulfill. The Bible tells us that God’s strength is made perfect on our weaknesses!  (2 Cor 12:9)  So, if you’re feeling self-conscious about something, if you are wishing that you were a little less different and a little more like everyone else, ask God for a glimpse of how He might be planning to use you (weaknesses, differences and all) to bring Him glory.

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