Clara Quit Smoking!

Clara Quit Smoking!

I have great news!  Clara Cowell quit smoking!

Who is Clara Cowell and why should you care about her decision to kick
the habit?

So glad you asked!  Clara is a 102 year-old great-grandmother from England who has been lighting up a few times a day since 1931.

So, why’d she quit now?  It wasn’t because of her health.  In fact, Clara believes her former habit is part of the reason she’s lived so long.   Instead, she quit because her children were worried that a fire could start from the ashes that seem to more frequently be missing the ashtray these days.

Here’s the really good news about Clara’s story.  It’s more proof that people can and do change.  I don’t know about you, but there are quite a few people I know (myself included) that continue to walk in bondage to one thing or another.  It’s easy to, at some point, get so frustrated with the junk other people seem content to drag around that we just want to give up on them.  It’s very draining to keep hoping and praying that someone will change, only to be disappointed time and time again.

And, trying to make someone change?  Well, that’s a battle lost right from the beginning.

But, if there is someone in your life that you fear is so stuck in their harmful and hurtful ways that they’ll never change; take some comfort in knowing that there is still hope for that person.  You may have to create some boundaries for self-preservation.  But, don’t stop loving and praying…even if you have to do it from a distance.  Remember, no one wants to see that person living in freedom and grace more than God.

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