Do you have more heat going out of your home than staying in? Gwyn Services has a duct test for that… (News for Tuesday)

Do you have more heat going out of your home than staying in? Gwyn Services has a duct test for that… (News for Tuesday)

Your WBFJ Family Station Forecast: Early morning fog has moved out. Partly sunny and warm…High 64 today.  Near 70 degrees for Wednesday…

Thanks to Richard and Harold with Gwyn Services for offering a special service to WBFJ listeners: Gwyn will come out and test your home’s duct work for any leaks. It’s part of the ‘Smart Saver’ program from Duke Energy. Basically Gwyn can evaluate your home and show you where you are wasting energy (and money). Duke Energy even offers rebate programs to assist homeowners to correct specific heating and cooling problems. (First 25 listeners, limited time offer) Call Gwyn Services TODAY at 774-1818 and ask about the Smart Saver program.

Former American Idol contestant COLTON DIXON releases his debut CD project today. Colton’s project titled “A Messenger” comes from John 13:16, with Jesus saying that, I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him. (RnR)  You can win Colton Dixon’s latest CD and a 20-13 calendar from Chick-Fil-A all this week on the Morning Show.

It’s been a rough week for Barbara Walters. Last week, the 83 year old news host fell down while attending a party in Washington, DC. Walters was sent to the hospital with a cut on her temple and a fever. And now, ABC News reporting that Barbara Walters has a case of the chicken pox.

PepsiCo said it will no longer use “brominated vegetable oil” in citrus versions of its Gatorade sports drink. Research has suggested that the ingredient may have possible negative health side effects. PepsiCo responded to a petition signed by more than 200,000 people who wanted brominated vegetable oil eliminated from Gatorade. The petition was started on by Sarah Kavanagh, 15, of Hattiesburg, Miss.

National leaders with the Boy Scouts of America say that they are ‘re-thinking’ their long standing policy of barring homosexuals from joining the organization. The new policy would remove the ban from the national rules – leaving it up to local chapters. A final decision by the group’s national leaders could come as soon as next week. The Boy Scouts celebrated its 100th anniversary back in 2010.

RECALL: The workout product “Perfect Resistance Bands” are being recalled because the bands can detach from the mesh cloth loops, posing a hazard to the user and anyone in the vicinity. The bands were sold at Wal-Mart and online. More information, visit

The Senate has approved more than $50 billion dollars in financial aid to the victims of Superstorm Sandy. The bill now goes to the President for his signature. The aid will help repair public transportation infrastructure, rebuild homes and businesses AND replenish FEMA’s disaster relief fund. RNR

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