Voting, Amber Alerts & Slurpees…News for Tues Nov 6th

Voting, Amber Alerts & Slurpees…News for Tues Nov 6th

 Here’s what’s happening @ WBFJ…Tuesday November 6, 2012

 Today: Cloudy & Cool, Slight Chance of a shower…High: 49

 IT’S HERE: today is Election Day in our nation and across the Triad. Polls open until 7:30PM. 

THE FIRST ELECTION RESULTS OF THE DAY ARE IN — AND IT’S A TIE.  The ten residents of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire cast their ballots just after midnight. Five votes for President Obama and five votes for Mitt Romney.Dixville Notch, in northern New Hampshire, has prided itself on returning the first presidential election results to be announced in the nation since 1960.

 New Jersey will allow residents displaced by Superstorm Sandy to vote by email or fax. A resident must submit a mail-in ballot application by fax or email to the local county clerk. When the request is received, a ballot will be emailed or faxed back. Ballots must be returned no later than 8 p.m. Officials say electronic voting is also an option for emergency workers. Meanwhile, displaced New Yorkers can vote at any polling place in the state thanks to an executive order put in place yesterday by Governor Mario Cuomo.

 Another Storm is headed towards the Northeast tomorrow…although it may remain 50-100 miles from land, this powerful storm could bring winds in excess of 50MPH, 2 inches of rain along the shore and several inches of snow to Pennsylvania and New York.

 It was back to school … for a day in NYC. Students found their way back to school yesterday for the first time since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the city. Despite public transportation issues and no heat in many classrooms, attendance rates were near 90%. School officials look for that to increase when school resumes tomorrow….they are closed today because of the election.

 Local Companies “Greenest” In The Country Newsweek released their rankings of the 500 Greenest companies in America, with some piedmont business making the cut. Hanesbrands and BB&T, both based in Winston Salem checked in on the countdown as did Wells Fargo, one of the Triad’s leading employers.

 GOOGLE HAS JOINED THE NATIONWIDE AMBER ALERT NETWORK. The U.S. Justice Department says real-time AMBER Alert updates will now be provided to users of Google Map and Google Search features. The AMBER alert notification system for abducted children began back in 1996. To date, 591 abducted children have been safely recovered through AMBER Alerts.

 SLURPEES ARE BACK! After a 20-year absence, 7-Eleven is returning to Forsyth County next month. The re-entry is due to the chain’s recent purchase of stores previously operated by Fast Track. 7-Eleven locations will include Clemmons, Kernersville, Lewisville and University Parkway in Winston-Salem.

 Your Thanksgiving Turkey could be a little cheaper this year! Even though sky-high corn prices have nearly doubled the cost of producing a pound of turkey meat this year, many retailers locking in their costs before a drought this year drove up U.S. feed prices. Expect to pay between $1.50-$2.00 a pound for a frozen turkey. Last year, the US consumed more than 5-billion pounds of turkey.

Traffic Alert: Planned road work…Hwy 52 SB at the I-40 interchange in Winston-Salem Crews will close the RAMP (@ 8AM) from Hwy 52 South to I-40 East in Winston-Salem through 7:30pm this evening. Detour: If you need to go I-40 East from 52 SB go down to the Clemmonsville Road exit and back track back onto 52 NB to I-40 east ramp…

 Traffic Alert: Winston-Salem Road Construction- SB 52 at Liberty Street will be down to one lane through Nov 19.Expect delays from Akron Drive to 25th street.

 Your WBFJ Family Station Forecast: Today: Cloudy & Cool, Slight Chance of a shower…High: 49 Tonight: Cloudy & Cold, Slight Chance of a shower…Low 35 Tomorrow: Mostly Cloudy…High: 51

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